26.10.2013. Holland Oyama Cup 2013 Full contact kyokushin karate

Holland Oyama Cup 2013 Full contact kyokushin karate

Osu Shihans, Senseis & Senpais,

With this we would like to invite you and your fighters to participate in the IFK Nederland Dutch Open Full Contact Kyokushin Karate Championships. The tournament will take place on October 26th in the city of Zevenbergen at sports complex De Borgh. The tournament is under the auspices of the Nederlandse Karate Associatie (N.K.A.) & The International Federation of Karate (I.F.K.).

Fighting will be done under IFK rules and will take place in the following categories:

Male Lightweight - 70 kg
Male Middleweight - 80 kg
Male Heavyweight +80 kg

Female Lightweight - 65 kg
Female Heavyweight + 65 kg

One coach and one team medical caretaker are allowed.

Date : 26th of October 2013
Weighing : 11.00 until 12.00 hrs
Start tournament : 14.00 hrs
Participation Fee: €10,- per fighter
Location : Sport complex De Borgh, IJshof 1, 4761 BE Zevenbergen, The Netherlands
Entry fee spectators : Juniors up to and including 16 year olds: €7,50. Adults (17 and older): €10,-

With regards to a smooth organisation of the event we would like to ask you to return the completely filled out form before October 5th to fens62@zonnet.nl.

All participants (fighters) need to be 18 or over on the day of the tournament. The organisation retains the right to refuse anyone (fighter, coach or spectator) for any reason, under disclosure of the reason why.

Participation is at the participants own risk. The organisation, her representatives and officials are not held liable for any injury or damages sustained in or from participating or being present at the tournament. By entering in the tournament you and your fighters accept these conditions. The enclosed statement indicating acceptance of the above mentioned must be filled in and handed over at the weighing preceding the tournament.

Protection: In the male divisions, groin guard and shin-instep protectors are compulsory. In the female divisions shin-instep protectors and chest protection (cups only, no chest plates. The solar plexus must be free). The organisation recommends gum shields, but this is not compulsory. Not wearing compulsory or recommended protection is also at one's own risk.

Taping and bandages are not allowed in the first round. Form the second round taping is allowed when applied and approved by the tournament doctor.

There will be a pre-tournament coaches meeting explaining the rules in more details.

Hotel: www.hoteldeborgh.nl

If you have any further questions please contact us via: fens62@zonnet.nl or via kvdboor@gmail.com.

With sportive regards on behalf of the NKA-IFK Nederland,

Shihan Peter Fens

Sensei Kevin van der Boor
Country Representative & General Secretary